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War And Services

Wendell is a black man in his mid 40s with a skin tone somewhere between Don Cheadle and Orlando Hudson. He is 6’1” and if I had to ballpark his weight, I’d say a real heavyweight champion, something like 280 lbs. Short hair with long sideburns and the kind of mustache you might see on Harry Reems circa 1972. Wendell came up in the late 1960s in the rough part of a big Midwestern city, like Woodlawn in South Chicago, Cass Corridor in Detroit or Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati. Wendell’s family is especially proud to have voted for Obama last November and even more so the family elders to see a black man in office, the culmination of the 300 years of struggle and oppression that began when they were brought to Virginia in shackles. Today Wendell is wearing a tight-fitting polo shirt with thick stripes of beige and brown separated by thin white stripes that is tucked into black slacks that have missed the last two or three wash cycles.

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